Seniors in Cyberspace

Technical Help
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Seniors realized they needed technical help long before the computer companies. In the web journal "Cybersociology" Joyce Philbeck writes:
"Seniors themselves realized they needed more help learning and understanding the Internet long before the computer companies did, and they have created hundreds of sites to aide in that process."
Health & Well Being

In her "Cybersociology" article, Joyce Philbeck states: "There are also many health and social benefits the Internet can provide for the elderly who live in isolation. There are few studies done on this subject, but the ones that have been completed are hopeful that keeping the mind active through Internet usage will provide some long-term effects."

Psychologist Jasmin McConatha in a study reported in Forbes Magazine showed the health benefits that occur with Internet use. After 6 months online, the senior group's mean score rose 14% on a cognitive ability test (Sorensoj 1997).

Specialty Equipment for the Disabled

There are devices and software for those with disabilities. Braille keyboards, voice recognition, enlarged monitors all help to overcome some of the challenges some seniors face.