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A Few Sample Seniors Sites - of the 100's available

AARP home of the American Association of Retired Persons, the "second-most powerful lobby group in America". A good example of how an association which has been around for a long time now can augment its advocacy role through the

With helpful information on estate planning and the importance of having a proper Will.

AgeNet specializes in consumer information about health resources for seniors as well as guidance for the "sandwich generation" looking after parents or other relatives.

Age of Reason also known as Wired Seniors, this is a top-notch portal site with links to hundreds of seniors-friendly sites worldwide.

Check out their radio stations in Europe page.

AnnuiWeb - a commercial site with the latest on annuities
and retirement planning.

CARP - Fifty-PlusNet is the official site of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons. Anyone in Canada over 50 should join CARP to ensure your voice is heard.

Has links to helpful information on retirement and financial planning with resident expert and editor of Fifty-Plus David Tafler

CyberSeniors - a helpful nonprofit site on computer
technology. Helps seniors gain access with their Computer
Learning Centers.

Check out "CyberRookie CyberBasics"

Elderhostel - a cool nonprofit group with a never-ending sense of adventure.

Greenpeace Seniors Team- in Germany Greenpeace leads the way in connecting with seniors. This is just one of many active seniors group across the country.

Raging Grannies - hats off to the cheeky and brave Raging Grannies who work for peace, environmental and social justice through song and humour. This site belong to the Seattle group and has links to other RG sites around the world. Be sure to visit the Raging Grannies Starter Kit.

SeniorNet - excellent nonprofit site about computer technology and the Internet.

A cool site with links to maps of cyberspace.

SeniorsCan - a helpful nonprofit site associated with Creative Retirement Manitoba. Good to visit wherever you live.

Here is a list of links to computer-savvy seniors. - Links to Seniors-oriented nonprofit organizations in Canada.