Seniors in Cyberspace

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A retired Portland couple created an excellent web site "At Home With Our Computer". In their article "Too Old For Computers?" they cite interviews with senior computer users:

  • A 75- year old man from Arizona got wired because "I couldn't keep up with my 4-year old grandson."
  • A 68-year old woman from Massachusetts who received a computer from her son to help with the debilitating effects of her Parkinson's disease has installed an additional phone line since she spends so much time online.
  • 71% of seniors believe the key to being retired is keeping busy; 27% have a strong need to keep up with the latest developments in new technology.

A survey amongst 600 active seniors revealed that financial planning and daily stock monitoring was one of their favourite activities. Some other comments from that survey include:

"I used the Internet to market my first book. It was great!"

"We use the Net to research so many things, even to get a map for a trip to the door of our niece's home in Dallas from our house in Galveston, Texas."

"The Net is a big help to me in teaching my course on "How To Write Your Memoirs."
(van Bentum, N. on board "Ocean Explorer I")