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IRC - Internet Chat Rooms

In her research for the article on seniors and the Internet in Cybersociology Joyce Philbeck says:

"The most interesting of all seniors activity on the Internet, to me, are the Chat Rooms. I have had the privilege of meeting some very interesting and friendly people in the Yahoo chat room called Seniors.

The people I chatted with felt the Internet kept them alert, kept them from being lonely and allowed them to meet new friends to expand their social life.

The seniors also told me they had found information about health issues that were explained to them in a way they could understand. They knew that if they could not get an answer from their doctor, or if they had questions once they got home, they could go online and look it up. They feel the Internet had given them a chance to educate themselves."
Joyce Philbeck

The only caveat to the explosion of health-related information available on the Internet is "too much information" is now available and seniors need to practice caution in following online advice, especially on commerical sites.